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Eksercerpladsen, Amager, Denmark


Placed in and idyllic setting besides Amager Fælled, Eksercerpladsen is a new build, mixed-use apartment and small business block. With DR Byen and Nordea as neighbours, the inhabitants and new business owners will enjoy a much greener energy footprint thanks to the 168 solar panels placed out of sight on the roof, 8 storeys above ground level.

Due to narrow roofs and competition for space with the ventilation system, finding enough space for the mounting system and panels was particularly challenging. Shadows during darker months from taller, nearby buildings also demanded powerful solar panels to produce the most power possible in all conditions at a reasonable price.


Fjordstjernen, Holbæk, Denmark


Located right next to the strong winds blowing in from Isefjord and placed 6 floors up, the solar system at Fjordstjernen is an exercise in optimising safety with carefully considered wind calculations. Held down by ballast, the panels will perform without damaging the roof surface or allowing rain and cold in.

The residents of Fjordstjernen can enjoy the spectacular views of the fjord and Holbæk safe in the knowledge that they are in one of the most sustainably-constructed buildings in Sjælland.


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